PHOTO: Successful student HOTS® Celebrates 24 years of success with half-a-million disadvantaged students in grades 4-8!

The HOTS Approach

State tests increasingly emphasize thinking and problem solving skills. Most Title I and LD students are very bright. However, most do not know how to harness that intelligence to master the increasingly complex curriculum in grades 4-8. HOTS brings out their natural ability for more complex forms of learning.

HOTS is a complete general thinking skills program for Title I and LD students in grades 4-8 that dramatically accelerates learning, test scores and social confidence. This approach combines software with a sophisticated curriculum and Socratic dialogue in small group settings. HOTS replaces extra remedial and test prep time, and produces better results.

The HOTS Software

State of the art, interactive software is used in HOTS as the basis for systematic Socratic conversations. There are 17 simulations included in the install. The software is compatible with most systems and has reasonable system requirements.

HOTS produces gains in:

• State Tests
• Basic and Academic Skills
• Social Confidence
• Thinking and Problem Solving

HOTS Develops these thinking skills:

• Metacognition
Inference from context
Information Synthesis

HOTS Combines:

• Curriculum

®HOTS is a Registered Trademark of Thinking with Computers