H.O.T.S.® Higher Order Thinking Skills PHOTO: Successful student HOTS® Celebrates 24 years of success with half-a-million disadvantaged students in grades 4-8!


Step by Step

Selecting Students



Hardware & Software Requirements



A HOTS trained teacher can work with up to 10 students at a time. A teacher and paraprofessional can work with up to 14.

In the schoolwide version, the regular classroom/content teacher teaches HOTS to half the class and a HOTS specialist teaches the other half.

The smaller group size for the 35-40 minute HOTS periods are funded out of Federal and state funds for the Title I, Special Ed, school improvement, after-school programs, etc.

Select Teachers for HOTS who are:

  • Quick thinking
  • Energetic
  • Organized

  • Flexible

  • Excited to get kids to talk

®HOTS is a Registered Trademark of Thinking with Computers