H.O.T.S.® Higher Order Thinking Skills PHOTO: Successful student HOTS® Celebrates 24 years of success with half-a-million disadvantaged students in grades 4-8!


Step by Step

Selecting Students



Hardware & Software Requirements



HOTS provides the greatest value to those Title I and LD students in grades 4-8 who are low in reading or are low in reading and math, but have the ability to perform at higher levels with the right help.

Title I
Students in grades 4-8 between 15th – 40th percentile in reading.
Students below the 15th percentile in reading should be considered
individually and should be placed in HOTS only if they have the
ability to generalize and/or be reflective in any activity.

Mildly disabled students in grades 4-8 who are above 80 verbal IQ.

STUDENTS that should NOT be placed in HOTS

  • Non-English speaking students (LEP students are welcome)
  • Transient students who are not likely to be in school for at least one year
  • Severely dyslexic students
  • Borderline EMH

HOTS can be implemented as:

  • a Specialized Program
  • a Schoolwide Program
  • an After-School Program

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