H.O.T.S.® Higher Order Thinking Skills PHOTO: Successful student HOTS® Celebrates 24 years of success with half-a-million disadvantaged students in grades 4-8!

Research Based and Scientifically Validated

HOTS is one of the most extensively validated and successful, innovative interventions for enhancing basic, academic and thinking skills in at-risk students in grades 4-8.

HOTS research and success have been validated by:

  • US Department of Education (National Diffusion Network)
  • Northwest Regional Education Lab
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Education Lab

HOTS schools and students show gains in both reading and mathematics double the national average, and close to 15% make honor roll – learning gaps are reduced.

  • Two years after implementing HOTS, Catherine Strehle & Estelle Elementary schools, Jefferson Parrish, LA, made such high gains on the state test that they received the state’s highest gain ranking level of "Exemplary Academic Growth". Before HOTS, they had both been very low achieving schools. Students also showed substantial growth on the national Iowa test.

  • On state tests in Cleveland County District, NC, gains in schools with HOTS substantially exceeded state growth targets. Comparison non-HOTS schools failed to meet growth targets.

  • A dissertation at the University of Arizona finds that HOTS simultaneously increases IQ, Metacognition, Writing, Reading Comprehension, GPA, and Novel Problems Solving skills in 4th and 5th grade Native American Students, while non-HOTS Title I students declined.

  • Ten percent of the Title I students in Hopkins (MN) were rediagnosed as gifted after a year in the program.


More confident in their own ability to solve problems and succeed academically.
Less impulsive, more willing to disconfirm their initial hypotheses.
More able to see relationships between and among concepts which were formerly viewed as discrete.
Able to consider more information at a time while solving a problem.
More willing to take risks when approaching problems.
Most importantly, HOTS students are able to learn high-level content the first time it is taught.
®HOTS is a Registered Trademark of Thinking with Computers