H.O.T.S.® Higher Order Thinking Skills PHOTO: Successful student HOTS® Celebrates 24 years of success with half-a-million disadvantaged students in grades 4-8!

HOTS teachers should be:

  • Quick thinking
  • Energetic
  • Organized
  • Flexible
  • Excited to get kids to talk
HOTS includes free unlimited technical and logistical support via email or by calling the toll free number.

Socratic Teacher Training

Learning in HOTS comes from the sophistication of conversation between student and teacher — not from the computer or the software. In Socratic dialogue the teacher teaches by asking questions rather than telling the students what to do. The questions are designed to help students arrive at conclusions on their own.

While Socratic teaching is very effective, it is also very difficult at first. HOTS training provides interactive practice and has been the most successful model for preparing instructors to teach Socratically.

An exciting week long on-site workshop is provided to HOTS teachers on how to use Socratic techniques when teaching the HOTS curriculum. Teachers are trained in small groups on how to maintain an active learning environment in which students are given the time and responsibility to think problems through and articulate their ideas. It is desirable for the principal and program coordinator to participate in a portion of the workshop with the teacher(s).

HOTS can also arrange an individualized 'apprenticeship' training in an actual HOTS classroom with an actual HOTS teacher.

The HOTS package includes the cost of training the primary HOTS teacher. Additional teachers can be trained. Trainings are scheduled year round according to demand.

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